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Photos of Our Family "Elders"

  Note that the pictures will make this page load a bit slower than the rest of the site. All of these images are links to full-size copies of the pictures.

Uncle Jack donated these two pictures of his parents, Hugh and Margaret Flaherty. He told me that, to the best of his knowledge, there ARE no pictures of the two of them together!


This picture of Hugh and Margaret's Children was taken in May, 1988, at the home of Patsy and Reggie Craig. The clan had gathered there to celebrate Patrick's 80th birthday. This was the last photo taken of all the founding brothers & sisters.

* Jack * Bobby * Frank * Burt * Joe *
* Mary * Pat * Tom * Margaret *

When Peggy Jean went into into the convent, these two photos were taken: one of her with all the men, and one of her with all the ladies. It seems like Hugh and Margaret started a tradition of men and women only appearing in separate pictures!

The Men

* Joe * Frank * Jack * Tom McCarthy * Bobby *
* Burt * Tom Flaherty * Peggy Jean * Patrick *

The Women

* Mary Joan * Mary Lou Davis * Claire * Margaret Flaherty * Toots * Pauline *
* Mary Flaherty * Mary Dean * Peggy Jean * Margaret McCarthy *

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