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Links Page

  It's pretty much a given that every web site has to have a "Links" page of some kind. This is a list of some sites that I've found to be useful, interesting or fun. If anyone has any sites they'd like to share, or perhaps even a personal site they'd like to show off, please let me know!

Irish links
  • Coats of Arms in Ireland - This is where I found the family crest. MANY other names (and variations thereof) are available.
  • The O'Flaherty Genealogical Project - An extensive page by an ambitious individual hoping to electronically link up as many descendants of the original "O'Flaherty" clan as he can.  Lots of great info, some of which I distilled down for our page.
  • The Irish-American Page - This page has LOTS of links to Irish-related info, and is where I first found many of these links.
  •   Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore & Drama - I'm a sucker for mythology, and what little of Celtic mythology the church didn't destroy is fascinating!
  • - One of my college Professors claimed that the words "Irish" & "cooking" should never be used together.  Here's 100 recipies to change his mind...and NO corned beef and cabbage! ;-)

Internet Links
  • Best Freebies - The name says it all; this site lists THOUSANDS of places where you can get products or services for free or minor fees (shipping or whatever). I'm always amazed at the stuff listed here, so take a look.
  • Dogpile - Dogpile is a multi-engine search tool; with one step you can check Altavista, Yahoo, Lycos, and several other engines. If you're having trouble finding something, Dogpile is the way to go!
  • IWon - I'm sure you've heard of this site that offers you a chance to win millions of dollars. It may sound like a gimmick, but it's a neat site, and in only a half-hour or so a day you can get 100 entries into their drawing.
  • Tripod - This is the place that hosts our web-page; they give out 11 megs of space for free! If you want your own page, this is one of many such sites to look into.

Miscellaneous Links
  • Meghan's homepage - Meghan Miller is the first family member with their own page! It's short and sweet, but still very nice. Check it out!
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