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Hugh A. Flaherty Family Assn Homepage


Welcome, one and all, to the official web site of the Hugh A. Flaherty Family Association!

The history of the Association began in the summer of 1952. During a family gathering at that time, the children of decorated firefighter Hugh A. Flaherty, and his beloved wife, Margaret W. Flaherty, worried about the future unity of the family, now they were all off living their own lives and raising their own offspring. Therefore, they established the Hugh A. Flaherty Family Association, which was designed to foster family unity. To this end, the Association sponsors an annual family reunion near Scranton, PA, the family's long-time home.

The purpose of the reunion is threefold:

  • To pay homage to our ancestors by visiting, praying and reminiscing together at their gravesites in the Cathedral Cemetary in Scranton, PA;
  • To pass on to our children, their children, and all to come, the history of our family, the memories we share, the love that was given to us in our upbringing, so that family unity may be maintained on into future generations;
  • To participate in a day of festive activities and enjoy the company of other family members at least once ach year.

Updated the "News" page with information on the upcoming reunion. Started getting caught up on the Family Tree. If you have other updates, please e-mail me!

Site created on June 13, 1998
Last updated April 23, 2006

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